Experts in building science, advanced construction technology, and passive house design.

We provide expert guidance and advanced education to architects, contractors, building owners, and construction industry professionals.

Our sophisticated knowledge base promotes quality green building methods, energy efficiency, comfort, and health.

Based in Reggio Emilia, Italy + Denver, Colorado.

Building Envelope Experts



Emu role with Architect Contractor OwnerOur mission is to supply our colleagues with as much knowledge as possible. With the growing capabilities of our expert staff, we can make designing, specifying, and installing energy efficient designs and systems easy.


  • General Design Consulting + Feasibility Studies
  • HVAC Analysis + Design for Low-Load Buildings
  • Envelope Component Detailing + Specification
  • Passive House Design + Documentation
  • Window and Door Specification + Detailing
  • Glazing Design + Consulting
  • Mold + Dynamic Moisture Analysis (WUFI)
  • 2D + 3D Heat Flow Calculations
  • Energy + IAQ Modeling
  • On-site Training + Inspection
  • Site-specific Custom Climate Data
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The Team

Mariana Pickering

Co-Founder + CEO of Emu Building Science LLC. Designer, LEED AP BD+C, and Operations Manager.

Enrico Bonilauri

Co-Founder of Emu Building Science LLC. Architect (registered in Italy), Certified Passive House Designer, and Building Envelope Expert.
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Latest Updates

We took part to the “Train the trainer” class, organised by the Passivhaus Institut of Darmstadt on the days following the 2016 edition of the International Passive House Conference.

The class is geared towards passive house experts, who intend to become teachers in the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant class (CPHD/CPHC) and in the Certified Tradesperson class.

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About ten days ago, we took part to the 20th International Passive House Conference in Darmstadt, Germany.

Now at its 20th edition, this passive house-focused event brings together researchers, designers, experts and manufacturers from all around the world.

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This week we are busy in Darmstadt, Germany: Enrico just presented at the 20th International Passive House Conference, and he’s currently taking his class to become a certified trainer with the International Passivhaus Institut.

Stay tuned for our articles on the Conference, and about our training programme in Italy and Colorado.

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With this article, we cover two very important aspects of glazings: light transmission and the solar heat gain coefficient.

These parameters are extremely important for performing buildings and passive houses, however they are often overlooked by both designers and window manufacturers.

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We continue our series of articles on thermal efficiency of windows, describing the glass edge thermal bridge.

As far as thermal bridges go, this one is inevitable, and it represents the weakest point of a well designed thermal envelope. It needs to be analyzed carefully, in order to prevent condensation (or ice) to form on the edge of the glass, discomfort, and an overall drop in the performance of the window/door.

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After covering thermal transmittance U and resistance R of opaque assemblies, and insulated glass, we now cover one of the most critical areas of the thermal envelope: window frames.

Good windows are the cornerstone of a performing building for both comfort and energy efficiency, specially if it is a passive house.

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